Friday, June 8, 2012

I need my time

Yesh I am not updating my blog much because handful at the moment my baby turning one is super active, my six year old is also cranky sometimes. Now big boy is sleeping as tomorrow Saturday he has class so I can update this blog. My dear down stair watching TV. He does not like seeing me working on this so I can only do in my room. My notebook super slow I write a post will need a hour, no kidding so fedup of it. It is weekend and Monday school start the traffic will back normal, supposed plan to go Penang but no because no time as dear busy with work and baby super cranky. He is non stop active will want to be seating infront with me. Today a good day bring my son to ice skating, morning not many people until eleven many people come. I bought him a happy meal set that has the Alex Madagascar 3, we seen this movie on Tuesday night at Midvalley. Then going home I got wrong turn it's scary but I manage get home before midnight.
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